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How to tame the leopard


For several consecutive seasons, leopard print keeps its position at the top of must-have fashion purchases.

The story of my oversized leopard print coat by Stella Mccartney has started 5 years ago in Milan. There was an oversize boom back then, and when I have seen this coat in  the mono-brand store I just couldn’t pass it by. That strange cut and the new technologies that Stella Mccartney likes to use so much; it just had to be mine. But somehow in my hometown Chisinau, I couldn’t find the right reason and mood for wearing it, and just now, five years later, its finest hour came here in Milan. Especially now, when the leopard print is out of time and trends.


This animal print gained a controversial reputation, and all because a lot of people just don’t know how to wear it. First of all, you must remember that this print is appropriate just as an accent detail, like in my case in which the coat is the main accent of my outfit. Secondly, if you don’t want your outfit to transform into a vulgar outfit, do not skimp on the quality of the textiles. I am fully satisfied with my coat because Stella Mccartney always uses materials of the best quality. And lastly – the elegant cut and model. I wore this coat with a black dress,  matched with black English men style shoes and my favorite handbag.  The leopard print can be very dangerous, but very suitable at the same time and in the oversized coat version it’s simply irresistible.


Don’t be afraid of it, just be sure to follow these simple rules on taming the leopard  that I have shared with you, and then you will definitely catch passers-by’s eyes.

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Photo: Jenia Broggi

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