Seedlings of real talent grow in Zip house

Zip House 5Recently, it has become interesting for me to observe the future of Moldavian Fashion industry through our young design students. As they say, the children are our future, and I am curious to know what kind of shoots grow at our Moldavian roots.

Zip House 4Zip House 19Zip House 1I can firmly say that seedlings of real talent grow in  Zip House. Zip House is a new and unique project by Technical University of Moldova sponsored by USAID. It is a creative center, provided with the newest technologies, created especially for young professionals from different creative domains, for working on their projects.
Zip House 3 ZipHouse Collage 1A while ago, I was invited to Zip House, to the presentation of the degree works of design graduates from the Technical University of Moldova. The diversity of styles in their collections pleased me. Minimalism, grunge and avant-garde, national folklore and eclectic. One more fact that satisfied me is the one that the young design students keep up with the international fashion. In their works, there are marks of the latest fashion tendencies, such as the stripped print, baggy tissues, flower print, monochromatic jeans based outfits, flares, different shades of blue, masculine clothing for women, etc. The works where qualitative and the details have been taken into account, this is very important in this profession. Fashion is a part of art, the expression of culture and national heritage, and it must develop accordingly.
Zip House 8 Zip House 9 Zip House 14 Zip House 15The fashion is nourished by fundamental ideas, the richness of the culture, the open-minded worldview, but is evolving through innovation, which is generated by the factors mentioned above. I guess we have a potential based on our rich history, ethnology, folk art, just sometimes, we lack the liberty and freedom of mind that allows us spreading our imagination wings. This is a call to those who read this article – don’t build unnecessary walls and restrictions, allow yourself and your children to grow free. And maybe, one day our seeds will gain more opportunities to grow and thrive on our Moldavian land.
Zip House 16 Zip House 17Zip House 18ZipHouse Collage 3 ZipHouse 6

Photo: Iuri Cazac
Special thanks to  Zip House

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