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The trip to Paris : Day #1


There are days when you have to manage so many things, that in this chaos you can even forget about your favorite coffee, without which is so difficult to start the day.

Tired but with many solved issues behind, I and Zina had decided to relax for a while and drink the well-deserved morning cup of coffee with freshly baked croissants. But, unfortunately, it was already noon, and at this time the Parisian cafes don’t usually serve pastries, but already get ready for the lunch time. After a little thinking, I have remembered about the recently opened hotel Ritz – the most fashionable hotel in Paris. Decided, we go to Ritz!

I and Zina took a sit at cafe Vendome, which has an access to the luxurious and refined square that has the same name. The real Parisian brasserie atmosphere rules in this place. Despite the fact that the time was far beyond 12, we were offered a big basket of freshly baked croissants. The incredible atmosphere, friendly staff and the delicious coffee make you definitely want to come back again. Even the members of the hotel staff say: “From the first cup of coffee in the morning until the latest evening cocktail, the heartbeat of Ritz Paris hotel is in Bar Vendome!”. But, unfortunately, there was a lot of work ahead, and we had to hurry up.

After a couple of Fashion Shows, I had an appointment with Inna Vieru – a Moldavian restaurateur who knows almost everything about Parisian desserts. She already lives in France for a while, and I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to meet her. It turned out that it is not so easy to find a cafe in Paris at 4 o’clock in the evening. Many cafes and restaurants in Paris have a special schedule; they are opened just for breakfast, lunch and dinner time, so the restaurant can be closed for a couple of hours during the day. Gladly not all the places have this kind of schedule, so we decided to go to the cafe in the Shangri La hotel, near Trocadero Square and Champs-Elysees.

I and Inna always find new topics to discuss. She is a very positive and open-minded person. With a sparkle in her eyes, she was sharing with me her life in Paris and her eternal love for everything that’s French. She and her husband had moved recently from the center of Paris to the suburb, away from the rush and crowds of tourists. Inna says that their life quality is much better now. We couldn’t ignore the topic: coffee in Paris, that could certainly be much better. Even in Chisinau, the coffee is better, especially the cappuccino. But in the pastries taste – France is definitely the winners. In here the morning starts with the smell of fresh buns from the bakery in your house, and if you will come later than 10 in the morning, you will probably find just empty shelves. Inna, by the way, gains inspiration and ideas for her own cafe here, in France, in small and not touristic cafes and bakeries, because these ones are the tastiest and the most authentic. Even before finishing the coffee, but after some sincere and interesting discussions, we decided to take a through Paris in autumn.

Once again I have been convinced that everything is possible in Paris! While walking we absolutely unexpectedly have met Doina Ciobanu – the famous fashion blogger and her mom. We always find about what to discuss with Doina, especially after the Paris Fashion Week. We have shared impressions and thoughts about the spring-summer 2017 season. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the occasion to stay all together, but the collective photos will remind us about this pleasant meeting.

3-octombrie_9olga-malicova-paris-collage-2 3-octombrie_06

Such an intense day like this must be ended by a good dinner in the must-see place in Paris – Le Pure Cafe. The vintage interior and red-brown cinematic facade attract not only the tourists but also famous film directors. Here have been filmed scenes for “Before sunset” and “The love punch” with the handsome Pierce Brosnan. Even Quentin Tarantino wanted to shoot in here some scenes for “Inglourious Basterds”, but unfortunately the owner was frightened by the imagination of the Hollywood film director. But it isn’t the only attractive thing in this cafe. The food that is at a very accessible price for Paris is something that makes this place even more pleasing. The meeting with Inna inspired me to order a quiche because I have tried this dish for the first time in her cafe in Chisinau. I don’t know why, but in Paris, every dish has french fries as a side dish; but I am sure that one day I will certainly find out why. Inna’s quiche is much more delicious than the one I’ve ordered.

This is a very atmospheric place, which is recommended by many bloggers and travel guides. I am not sure if I will have the desire to return to this place once again, we will see, but you should certainly go to this place.


This was the pleasant, beautiful and delicious ending of the day, with a very intense schedule but with a real Parisian atmosphere.

Photo: Zina Esepciuc

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