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The trip to Paris : Day #2


The Paris Fashion week has its own rhythm that you must follow, every second is scheduled. But there is one thing I am certain about: in Paris is very important to start the day correctly.

I and Zina had decided to start the day in the comfy cafe Les 2 au coin which is right in the building of her house. It turned out that this place isn’t just a cafe, but a flowers shop also. The flowers that are all over the place create a special atmosphere; it feels like you are in a real orangery. Unfortunately, they were out of croissants when we arrived, so we have ordered a crispy cake with fresh fruits, that melted in the mouth. Unfortunately, the coffee didn’t please us that much. After a small refill, we went to take photos of the street style before the Chanel fashion show.

Paris is the perfect place for photography. Every shoot is like a picture from movie. The street style, especially during the fashion show days – is a separate performance. The most stylish and fashionable people from the entire world demonstrate in here the latest trends of the fashion industry. My eyes were fixed upon a French woman, that was also taking photos of fashionable outfits. Indeed, french women are among the most sophisticated and fashionable women in the world.

After that, we went to take photos of my Look of the Day to one of the most stylish streets in the whole Paris, Avenue Montaigne. That day I have chosen a romantic dress combined with a parka and shoes on steady heels. Many people mistakenly assume that the only right way to wear it is on the shoulders, I hope I will change your mind. Don’t be afraid of experiments!

While we were shooting my outfit, Maria Fedorovna, the editor of the Russian Glamour magazine has passed by; the woman who started her career as a fashion editor in men’s magazines.

olga-malicova-paris-travel-collage-3 olga-malicova-paris-travel-collage-4
After a long search, we finally had found truly delicious coffee. We managed to find it in an Italian restaurant. I have finally finished the whole cup, enjoying every sip. Satisfied after a little rest we went to the fashion show of the designer Yohann Fayolle. Strict lines, pastel colors, and elegance, these are the words that perfectly describe the new collection of the young designer.

4-octombrie_13 4-octombrie_14
Work is work, but the lunch should be according to the schedule. We decided this time not to search for a new place, so we have returned to the Italian restaurant O Vingt-Deux. We had the traditional Italian orecchiette for lunch (ear-shaped pasta). Not such long ago, this dish could be tried just in Italy, in small family restaurants. The Italian pasta was the same as the Italian coffee – truly amazing. But, there were two more fashion shows ahead.

The first one was Junko Shimada. The defile of this Japanese designer is always a perfect combination between Japanese ingenuity and French elegance. Shimada is permanently experimenting, and the clothes that result from his efforts resemble artifacts from a museum of contemporary art. Bright, a little strange, and at the same time feminine, and at my opinion comfortable pieces have been presented in the 2017 spring-summer collection. The building was decorated as the bottom of the ocean. It was an unique feeling, as if you were under water!

4-octombrie_17 4-octombrie_19 olga-malicova-paris-travel-collage-6
The day was summed up by the fashion show of the Russian designer, Valentin Yudashkin. Unfortunately, Yudashkin couldn’t participate in his own show due to some health problems, but he was replaced by his daughter Galina at the presentation. In the spring-summer 2017 collection, the designer managed to combine sport, luxury and femininity in a whole and harmonious image. The basic color of the collection is white. It was complemented by different shades of blue, pastel shades and a couple of black accents. Satin, chiffon beads embroidery, metallic inserts, all of this mixed with a sporty cut had perfectly combined into a whole minimalistic classical look, the one that Valentin adores.

olga-malicova-paris-travel-collage-7 4-octombrie_23olga-malicova-paris-travel-collage-8 4-octombrie_21

One more day in Paris passed by, but we had ahead much more!

Photo: Zina Esepciuc

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