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” Love em’ or hate em’ ” – the freedom of contemporary art by Diana Rudenco


The facebook page of our beloved Diana Rudenco is getting hundreds of likes, for a couple of months. She gets them thanks to her new project called “Love em’ or hate em”.

This is a photo project with stylists, anchormen, business man, and also art people such as choreographers and musicians. She somehow manages to discover them in an absolutely new way. As the author of the projects, she leaves you to decide whether you love or hate the looks that she creted.

When I was asked to participate in this project, I was pleasantly surprised. Her previous works intrigued me, and I was glad to accept this offer. Although the project is quite simple, it is very fresh and unordinary for our country. And you know that how much I love everything that is new and creative.

Today I will share with you the result of the photo project “Love em’ or hate em'” with me in the main role. Very soon you will found out more details about the project from an exclusive interview with Diana Rudenco.

olga malikova cover
Rudenco Collage 5
Rudenco Collage 3
Rudenco Collage 4
Rudenco Collage 2
Rudenco Collage 6

Photo: Diana Rudenco

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