Artist Eva Amos and her Milan Fashion Week Premier

Eva 3
Friends Muse

Eva Amos – flamboyant, stylish, communicative and creative. She lives in Milan for 3 years and calls this Mecca of fashion a dynamic city. She can speak for hours about her favourite painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, and her…

Martino Zanetti and his bright world

husbrandt (16)
Pizza Bottoni Mattoni

A brilliant person is brilliant in everything, these words describe better than any others our today’s protagonist Martino Zanetti. A successful businessman, alpino, expert in Gabriele D’Anunzio’s life, talented painter, musician. This is just the short list of Zanetti’s…

Cremona – the charm of a small city


Probably,  nobody will be surprised if I will say that Italy is the country where everyone will find something after their own heart! Antique monuments of architecture, modern shopping centers, shopping in the world’s best boutiques, the best pizza…